Neem Seed Kernel Extract – Procedure and Preparation


Organic pesticide preparation from neem seed kernel extract

Organic farming is the popular course of for pest and illness management in agriculture. It is principally thought of to be non-poisonous, has fewer enter necessities, and tremendously enhances the ecological stability whereas selling organic variety and protects the atmosphere. Pests and ailments repeatedly pose as threats to agriculture inflicting appreciable crop yield losses yearly.

One of the principle approaches to addressing crop loss is the usage of natural pesticides throughout the farming system. The step-by-step information to natural pesticide preparation utilizing neem-seed extract is given under;

Neem pesticides play a significant function in pest administration and have been extensively utilized in agriculture. There has been an evident shift all around the world from artificial pesticides to non-artificial ones and that is massive due to the widespread consciousness of the negative effects of those artificial pesticides not solely on vegetation but additionally on different dwelling organisms.

Neem seed kernel extract is ready from dried neem seeds. Neem bushes bear fruits every year and it’s higher to reap the fruits fairly than accumulate fallen ones – fallen fruit in touch with the soil will be infested with fungus. Make certain the neem fruits are yellow (not greenish-yellow or yellowish-inexperienced) earlier than harvesting. Put a plastic sheet beneath the neem tree and beat the branches with a stick. Collect the fallen fruit from the plastic sheet. Throw away dangerous or moldy ones. Remove the pulp of the fruit by twisting the Neem fruit between thumb and index finger. The seeds should be milky white. Dry them the other way up on a mat or sheet within the shade for two or Three days. They should not be uncovered to rain or direct daylight. Store the seeds in properly-aerated baskets or gunnysacks (not in plastic luggage) they should be stored dry. The seeds used to make the kernel extract must be between Three to 7 months previous.

Things to be taken care;

  • First, accumulate the fruits through the bearing season and air-dry them beneath shade.
  • Do not use the seeds over eight months of age. The seeds saved over and above this age lose their exercise and therefore not match for neem seed kernel extract preparation.
  • Always use freshly ready neem seed kernel extract or NSKE.
  • Spray the extract after 3.30 pm to get helpful outcomes.

Take 75gm of neem seeds and pound the seeds gently, simply arduous sufficient to interrupt the seed coats. Then take away the seed coats and dangerous kernels. Pound the great kernels (ensure that no oil comes out) right into a positive powder and combine the powder into one liter of sunshine soapy water (oily cleaning soap is best). Filter the answer earlier than utilizing it as a sprig. The cleaning soap will assist the powder stick onto the plant leaves. Be certain to cowl the leaves utterly with the spray-on high and beneath them. Apply a few times per week.

Difference between a neem seed kernel extract and neem oil

The pure neem seed extract is a extremely concentrated liquid that’s combined with water [two drops per one ounce of water] and utilized to vegetation as a foliar spray as soon as per week. It captures about 93% of the bioactive components from the Neem bushes. Whereas Neem oil is oil chilly pressed from the seeds of the neem plant.

Neem Kernel extracts about 500 to 2000 ml are required per tank (10 liters capability). About 3-5 kg of neem kernel is required for an acre. Remove the outer seed coat and use the kernel. If the seeds are recent, Three kg of the kernel is enough and if the seeds are previous, 5 kg is required.

Pound the kernel gently and then tie it loosely with a cotton material. Soak this in a single day in a vessel containing about 10 liters of water. After this, it’s filtered. On filtering, 6 to 7 liter of the extract will be obtained. 500 to 1000 ml of this extract must be diluted with 9 ½ or 9 liters of water. Before spraying khadi cleaning soap resolution by 10 ml/liter must be added to assist the extract stick properly to the leaf floor. Then, this focus of the extract will be elevated or decreased relying on the depth of the pest assault.

The neem seeds used for getting ready the extract should be at the least Three months previous and lower than eight months previous. The last extract should be a milky white coloration. Neem seed kernel extract is an efficient management course of for a wide range of leaf-consuming bugs.

About 50 grams of neem kernel is required to be used in 1 liter of water. The neem kernel is pounded gently and it should be pounded in such a manner that no oil comes out. The outer coat is eliminated earlier than pounding that is used as manure and if pounded with seed coat 1 ½ time (75 gr) seeds are required. The seeds which might be used for the preparation of neem kernel extract should be at the least Three months previous and shouldn’t be used after eight to 10 months. Before Three months or after eight months, the azadirachtin amount is sort of low within the seed and it can’t effectively be used for pest management. The pounded neem kernel powder is gathered in a muslin pouch and then that is soaked in a single day within the water. The pouch is squeezed and the extract is filtered. To the filtrate, an emulsifier corresponding to cleaning soap oil or cleaning soap cake powder is added. One ml of emulsifier is added to 1 liter of water and the emulsifier helps the extract to stay properly to the leaf floor.

Pests are a continuing risk to Agriculture and they trigger substantial yield losses within the 12 months. One of the efficient strategies of controlling the pests whiles defending the atmosphere is with the usage of natural pesticides throughout the farming system. Some favor natural pesticides as the strategy for pests management in Agriculture and it is because it makes use of non-poisonous substances. They additionally tremendously improve the ecological stability, promote organic variety, and shield the atmosphere.

Organic pesticide preparation steps from a neem tree

The Neem tree is a tropical evergreen tree initially from India and now discovered all through the tropics. The tree is quick-rising and tolerant to drought situations. The neem tree is commonly planted as windbreaks and for shade within the villages and cities. In India, the neem tree is known as “the village pharmacy” due to its therapeutic versatility and has been utilized in medication to treatment a number of illnesses by native communities.

Early literature makes point out of the neem fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and bark for his or her medicinal properties and is reported to comprise compounds with confirmed antiseptic, antiviral, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. In the preparation of natural pesticides from the neem tree, two main steps are concerned. The first step primarily entails the gathering of ripe seeds, drying, roasting, crushing, and urgent them to extract the neem oil. In the second step is the oil is then formulated right into a pesticide by diluting it to the specified quantity utilizing water.

The Neem tree is a tropical evergreen tree and it’s initially from India now discovered all through Africa. The use of Neem is likely one of the efficient methods to organically management the pests of crops. In this, we talk about easy methods to put together natural pesticides from neem seed extract.

Neem seed extracts are;

  • The Neem Seed Kernel oil
  • The Neem Seed Kernel resolution

Materials for neem seed kernel resolution

To put together 100 liters of 5% neem seed extract resolution, you want;

Neem seed kernels (properly dried) – 5 kg

Water – 100 liters

Detergent – 200 g

Muslin material for filtering


  • Take about 5kg of properly-dried Neem seed kernel (Only the kernel).
  • Grind the kernels into powder and then you definately soak the powder in a single day in 10 liters of water.
  • Stir with a picket plank within the morning until the answer turns into milky white.
  • Filter by way of a double layer of muslin material.
  • Top up or dilute the quantity to 100 liters.
  • Add 1% detergent and combine little water to the detergent and make it right into a paste. Then combine it within the resolution and it will assist stick with the surfaces of the leaves.
  • Mix the answer properly and spray on crops.

Neem seed kernel extracts management many insect pests. These embody stalk borers, beetle larvae, butterfly and moth caterpillars. Also, true bugs, plant and leaf-hoppers, grownup beetles, mealy bugs, thrips, fruit flies, and scale bugs, and so on.

Advantages of neem natural pesticide

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Advantages of neem natural pesticide.

Neem seed kernel extracts have many makes use of and benefits in natural farming. Besides the quite a few makes use of and advantages related to neem tree merchandise which embody its anti-fungal properties and pesticide properties, neem natural pesticide has the next benefits;

  • The seeds can be found in most locations within the tropics.
  • It will not be troublesome to arrange and inexpensive.
  • It is environmentally pleasant.
  • Less poisonous to non-goal (extra environments pleasant).
  • Handling and software don’t require excessive-stage coaching.
  • Required easy software tools and methods.

1.) Neem is sort of non-poisonous to mammals and is biodegradable and it’s utilized in India as an ingredient in toothpaste, cleaning soap, cosmetics, prescribed drugs, and cattle feed. The plant leaves are used for tea. Neem bushes are very confused with the Persian lilac or chinaberry tree a relative of neem, which thrives in excessive altitudes, whereas neem thrives at low altitudes (as much as 1200 m).

2.) Neem chemical construction is so complicated (the tree has many various compounds, many functioning fairly in another way and on totally different components of an insect’s life cycle and physiology), scientists consider it’s going to take a very long time for bugs to develop resistance to it. To decrease the prospect of affecting useful (pure enemies) and discouraging improvement of pest resistance, use neem sprays when crucial, and solely on vegetation you recognize are affected by pests.

3.) Neem seed extracts don’t kill insect pests instantly. They change the feeding habits and life cycle of the pests till they’re not capable of reside or reproduce. Effects should not seen earlier than 10 days after software. Thus, extreme pest assaults won’t be managed inside time. For dependable and satisfying management, neem extracts must be utilized at an early stage of the pest assault.

4.) Neem merchandise break down pretty rapidly, usually inside 5 to 7 days in daylight and the soil, so you might have to repeat the applying through the rising season to take care of new pests that arrive from exterior throughout this time.

5.) Neem works quickest throughout sizzling climate and heavy rains inside a couple of days of software could wash off the protecting cowl of neem on vegetation. Reapply if pests are an issue.

6.) If crops need to be watered, water should be focused to the soil as a result of water operating over the leaves of sprayed vegetation could wash off the neem water extract.

Properties of neem natural pesticide

The neem tree accommodates totally different insect-repelling compounds, which inhibit the maturation or feeding capability of insect pests with out having any opposed results on birds and mammals. These substances are identified to have been used as pesticides in lots of components of the world and have been reported to achieve success in pest and illness management. The use of the neem tree supplies for the management of a number of pests among the many farming group.