How To Use Web Scraper API To Extract Online Data


Data scraping (also known as web scraping) is obtaining the information from the web necessary to develop your business. This service is secure and confidential, reliable for both small startups and large companies.

Tools For Web Scraping

Web scraping tools are designed to extract, and collect any available information from websites. These resources are needed when you need to quickly retrieve and store any data from the Internet in a structured way that does not require re-entry or copy-pasting.

Here is the best Web Scraper API from Infatica developer!

The Scraper API – Advanced Tool That Does This Well

Scraper API provides real-time direct access to structured data obtained by parsing thousands of online sources. This parser can collect web data in many languages ​​and save results in various formats. Just send a GET request to the API.

Main Service Characteristics:

  • JS rendering;
  • Geotags;
  • Has a pool of resident/mobile proxies for market scraping, search results, price monitoring, etc.;
  •  1000 API calls for free, hobby rate – $ 25/month, $ 90/month – for business developers;
  • Choose from 100+ supported global locations.

Why Do I Need Scrapping?

Desktop/cloud, paid/free, SEO, joint purchases, filling sites, and collecting prices… You can drown in the abundance of parsers. Web scraping helps to put everything on the shelves. For example, marketers use them to optimize processes. But you may also use scrapping tools for:

Price Tracking

The service will be helpful for those who actively use online shopping, track product prices, and look for things in several stores at once. Monitoring competitors’ platforms would also be useful.

Market Monitoring

If you want to conquer the market with no effort, data analysis will help you make a balanced and adequate decision.

Modernization Of Sites

Companies are moving outdated sites to modern platforms. They can use Scraper API to export data quickly and easily.

Parsing is a kind of art. Scraping API will extract every byte available and do all the hard work for you, turning websites into valuable information.