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Argon Ion Laser Market Latest Advancements, Developments and Future Scope 2018 to 2026

A gas laser that uses ionized gas as its lasing medium is called as Ion laser. Argon laser is the most popular type of ion laser. An argon gas laser is based on light amplification in ionized argon in a gas discharge. It is used for pumping of other lasers, eye surgery, lithography, laser therapy, etc. It is also used for retinal phototherapy which is mainly used for diabetes treatment. Argon-ion lasers are capable of continuous wave emission. They emit at 13 wavelengths through the ultraviolet and visible spectrum, of which the commonly used wavelengths are in the blue-green region of the visible spectrum. Their tube is made up of nickel end bells and beryllium oxide ceramics.

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Rising investments on product innovation to improve efficiency and shelf life is increasing the demand for argon ion laser in medical as well as scientific and research sector, thereby facilitating the growth of the market. These lasers produce high output power and higher gain. Moreover, they have very less divergence in the order of 1 milli radian. However, factors such as very high voltage power supply requirement for operation and difficult construction are acting as limiting factors for the market. Also, solid state lasers are being preferred at times, against argon ion lasers due to their energy efficiency and pointing stability. Yet, growing need of high quality argon-ion laser technology is expected to reduce the impact of the limitation during the forecast period. Furthermore, argon ion laser is also cost efficient as compared to the new laser technologies. This is expected to be another major factor facilitating the growth of argon ion laser market.

Argon ion laser market can be segmented on the basis of package, application and region. On the basis of product, the argon ion laser market can be segmented into cylindrical package and rectangular package. On the basis of application, the argon ion laser market can be segmented into light shows, scientific research, artistic displays, and medical.

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On the basis of region, the argon ion laser market can be segmented into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Amongst all, Europe is expected to be the most lucrative argon-ion laser market owing to favorable government initiatives and increasing demand in industries in the region.

The major players operating in Argon ion laser market are Edmund optics Inc., Lumentum Operations LLC, National Laser Company and Coherent Inc among others.

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